Why We are Different

When parents ask us what is unique in your program, our answer is often:

  • What our children learn,
  • How our children learn and
  • How our Islamic identity is preserved in a fully bilingual program

What our children will learn

Why we are different - What children will learn

A holistic world-class curriculum perfected for our children

While many other programs focus almost exclusively on the academic side of learning, we believe in the importance of whole child development. Our primary goal is not to fill children’s heads with memorized knowledge and basic skills, but to equip them with tools. We want to help bring up well-rounded, independent individuals with the right balance of knowledge, social skills, emotional development and physical coordination. We believe, and extensive research proves that this balance is crucial in the early childhood formative years to prepare the child for school and a more intense interaction with the outside world.Our carefully designed program promotes these skills in a harmonious way building a solid knowledge foundation in various areas such as language skills, math and science


How our children learn

Why we are different - How our children learn

A program centered around the child

Most education programs are teacher or classroom-centered. In these programs, students follow a pre-assigned curriculum instructed by a teacher. While some of these programs can be of high quality, they generally do not allow for variations in learning style and pace among students.

Our program is different. It is inspired by the Montessori Method. This method, perfected after decades of scientific research and careful observation of the way children learn, advocates that children at a young age have an immense natural aptitude for learning. This natural learning ability is amplified during periods called child’s ‘sensitive periods’. These are periods where a child has a natural interest for learning a particular skill or topic. In these periods, learning is very enjoyable to him or her and requires much less effort. In our program, specially trained directresses continuously observe each child’s interests and needs and carefully guide him or her to explore the topics of interest through first-hand experimentation and role-modeling. Research shows that students following this method generally have a more joyful learning experience and display stronger soft skills and greater aptitude in areas such as Math and Languages.

How our Islamic identity is preserved in a fully bilingual program

A program to create global Muslim citizens

We know how children acquire languages naturally. We leveraged this knowledge and our experience with hundreds of young Saudi students to offer a fully native bilingual Arabic and English learning environment, where children switch naturally and seamlessly between both languages with the help of 2 native speaking directresses.

We believe the mastery of these two languages is the key for our students to be ready not just for their community but the world, and to understand and respect the diversity around them.

This said, we also strongly believe that a child’s identity is his root, his anchor and source of confidence and self-esteem. So in parallel to encouraging our children to learn about the world, we make sure they have a deep understanding and appreciation of our values, religion and history. The key to nurturing our children’s identity is how we help them live Islamic values. Instead of just asking our children to memorise teachings without understanding, we help them Live Islam in all aspects of their daily lives. Through the different subject areas we emphasize multiple facets of Islam from highlighting the importance of helping others in a team exercise to appreciating the beauty of God’s creation in a science project.